Saturday, May 05, 2012

Day And Reason # 95...

The Mountain. 

Never enough time 
to explore it,  
to spend up there, 
partaking of its serenity, 
of its magnificence. 

Every nook and cranny  
on these peaks  
will be rife of joy and peace 
for thee - 
not to mention fresh air! 
And friendly critters!  

So, if it doesn't come to you 
- go to it, 

Friday, May 04, 2012

Day And Reason # 46...

LucasFilms - All Rights Reserved

Carrying on with the pain of living 
through willpower and sheer force   
- yeah; force yourself to carry on through - 
and go watch a movie!
It may yet inspire you!

'Cause you have never seen too many movies 
 - that's a sure-fire fact, Jack -
just as you can't possibly ever get a chance 
to see them all! 

So see as many as you can  - while you can! 
And bring an Ewok with you! 
(Even if it is the fourth instalment in a drawn-out series!)
Happy May The Fourth/Force Be With You Day!