Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Day And Reason # 76...

Smile... for the experience is near...!

Smile in front of the mirror first, though...
Because we never have enough time 
to take proper care of our pearly whites 
(and overall mouth)
Just imagine the countless hours of pure, 
unadulterated fun we will have devoted, 
throughout our lives, 
to taking proper care of our 
August 6th is National Fresh Breath Day
in several countries, in many time zones... 

No mouthwash allowed: as all of them contain alcohol 
which makes the mouth dry, 
and an ideal festering ground, then, 
for the bad breath bacteria...

Mass-marketing's Fresh Breath Mints 
are also to be proscribed:
as the sugar contained in those things 
actually helps anaerobic bacteria 
to thrive and flourish in your mouth

Lots and lots of water instead: 
as it will help replenish 
a naturally oxygen-rich saliva 
that will in turn assist in killing 
all anaerobic bad breath bacteria, 
even the sulfur-producing variety
that thrives on sugar...

Finally, you've heard it plenty of times 
at the dentist's office 
and on the oral hygienist's chair: 
floss daily, as it combats plaque, 
the premiere breeding ground 
for bad breath bacteria - 
and bacteria, period! 

You may even want to do like Ali Wentworth 
and have your tongue scraped - finally!