Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day And Reason # 231...

You have to hang around long enough
And have as many hospital stays/close calls as necessary
In order to ascertain once and for all
one way or the other
if that 1966 publicity campaign made it all up
Or if there really are either doctors like that
or angels like that...!

(Not necessarily angels of death at all -
preferably, angels as they should all be;
that bring life and work miracles!)

I trust that you DO wanna know the answer to this one -
at least as much as you want to know if there is,
say, a Nessie at the bottom of the Loch Ness!
And this whether you are hetero or not,
male or female
just out of curiosity's sake -
you want to know if there really are
docs like that!
You know you do!

(Or... Maidenform Angels?!?)
(Never to be confused with
Victoria's Angels!)

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