Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day And Reason # 48...

Keeping on trucking, keeping on living
because you just gotta keep on trying, man -
with the hope that, one day,
things might finally go your way
you will finally be handed all the right cards
all the winning conditions will be given to you
- not the other guy, anymore...!

You gotta believe
it can happen!

And it can only happen
if you stick around
(aye, well, being shot repeatedly
is not the best way to ensure that
but allegedly all of those shots
were just superficial wounds
three inches above the heart...
Jones, Solo, Winfield, Fett, Sparrow, QS -
all lousy shots, you know...
One last thing:
visit Cairo sometimes!
You'll love it there!
Bring your own bullets, if you can!)

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