Friday, May 10, 2013

Day And Reason # 73...

One More Day - One More Mistake 
That's the way it goes 
because that's the way it has to be; 
in each and every one of our 
very personal evolution processes... 
carry on making mistakes - 
that's the way they like you! 


Ty Berius said...

So true!

Plus - in doing as you suggest here, we act in accordance with most beliefs setting up a blissful afterlife for this life here: just in Christianity alone, it is obvious we have to make mistakes, to sin, in order to benefit from the full package of REDEMPTION...!

Otherwise, why have a Saviour, a Redeemer, Someone Who Washes away all of your transgressions with All-Encompassing Forgiveness...?

So... er... sin away!
But, as with everything else, temperance is best and moderation is advised!


Luminous (\ô/) Luciano™ said...

That's the spirit - brother!

Made damn sure you were *first* on this too, hmm?

Thanks for dropping by!